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Inclusion of Persons with disabilities at the work-place, an article by Abha Saxena 

Corporate Social Focus Volume 2, August 2015


Article written by Abha Saxena, founder of Social Equity Advisory Services highlights the employment status of recruitment of persons with disabilities at corporate sector. How many corporates are activily focusing on the issue, what are the challenges in the same and what is the business case for the same.  Read on..

NGO-Box Report On The First Year Of CSR Spend 

One-Fourth of the Companies Spend More Than the Prescribed CSR; Two-Third Miss the Target


Highlights of the First Year (FY 2014-15) of the Mandatory CSR Spending When the new Government took charge in May 2014, companies were expecting that there would be drastic changes in the Companies Act 2013 and the Government may withdraw the provisions of mandatory CSR spending, stipulated in the Section 135. But it did not happen, and companies had to plan for spending their prescribed CSR amount as per the provisions of the Act. As a few companies have announced their annual report of the last financial year (FY 2014-15), it has been exciting to analyze them and find a few points that can present an overview of CSR spending and CSR compliances among the companies. Read on.

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