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Social Equity Advisory Services was started with a single goal; to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of investments made into the social sector by companies, either by mandate or by choice. We ensure that companies which deploy their hard-earned profits into fulfilling their social responsibilities have targeted the right audiences, identified the right needs to address, and that their commitment yields the maximum possible impact in their chosen areas of investment. With a network of organizations and people who have considerable experience in the ground realities of social investment, we make sure not just that impact is made, but also measured and monitored constantly. This way, companies can be sure that their money is well spent and waste is minimized. 


With the increased attention to inclusive work cultures and reduction of implicit and explicit discrimination, whether based on age, ability, gender or any other factor, organizations need to gear up for finding and making the best use of talent, wherever available. Social Equity also helps organizations to create meaningful  programs for handling diversity in the workplace (specifically with regards to persons with disabilities), assisting with policy design, implementation and talent acquisition

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